Good BI/DW websites/blogs

A list of good BI/DW websites and blogs. Worth bookmarking and regularly revisiting.

  1. Business Objects forum. Quite simply, the definitive source of answers and solutions to all your Business Objects problems.
  2. B-Eye-Network. Packed with news and articles relating to Business Intelligence.
  3. The Data Warehouse InstituteNews and reviews relating to data warehousing.
  4. DM ReviewNews and reviews relating to data warehousing.
  5. Intelligent EnterpriseNews and reviews relating to data warehousing.
  6. Ralph Kimball. Ralph also sends out a monthly newsletter with DW tips.
  7. The OLAP report. Mainly subscriber based, but there are a few free sections that may be of interest.
  8. Mark Rittman. Comprehensive postings regarding the Oracle BI suite.
  9. BI Blogs. A blog aggregator. Contains many useful articles from BI related blogs. Always something interesting to read everyday.
  10. Open Source BI. A useful site for all that is Open Source BI
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