Web Intelligence Date Formats

A simple post to highlight the different date formats that are available in Web Intelligence.


10 Responses to “Web Intelligence Date Formats”

  1. Brian Says:

    Note: If you want to convert a date string that has military hours, you use HH.

  2. ambreen Says:

    very much useful post.. thank u

  3. How to insert th into a date field | Business Objects Blog Says:

    […] there isn’t a specific date format you can use to give you this information. However, with the use of a number of functions, you can […]

  4. keshav Says:

    How to go for a format such as : 16th FEB’13 or 1st FEB’13

    • weldblog Says:

      I’m not sure whether you want the month in capitals or the apostrophe after the month.

      If you want the month in capitals, subtitute mmm with MMM.

      If you want an apostrophe after the month, substitute the space after this statement:

      Substr(FormatDate(CurrentDate();”dd/MMM/yyyy”);4;3));” “);

      with an apostrophe:


      I’ve incorporated both changes in this formula:

      If (Substr(FormatDate(CurrentDate();”dd/mm/yyyy”);1;2) InList (“1″;”01″;”31″);”st”;
      If (Substr(FormatDate(CurrentDate();”dd/mm/yyyy”);1;2) InList (“2″;”02″);”nd”;
      If (Substr(FormatDate(CurrentDate();”dd/mm/yyyy”);1;2) InList (“3″;”03″);”rd”;”th”))));
      ” “);Substr(FormatDate(CurrentDate();”dd/MMM/yyyy”);4;3));”‘”);

  5. wisthrop Says:

    Please note that the last example you give of dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss will actually return the “date/minutes/year hour:minutes:seconds”. You need to make sure to have capital MM to show the month.

  6. Jan Says:

    Does anyone know, how to change the language? I’d like to output the following string: “The current month in English is December an in German it’s Dezember”.

  7. Itumeleng Setshedi Says:

    Can somebody help, I’ve formated date(Start) to “dd/mm/yyyy” but all months ruturns as zeros, what could the problem be?

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