Configuring ODBC for XI 3.1 on a 64bit Operating System

So you’ve got a nice shiny new box running 64bit Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008.

It’s going to run XI 3.1, so you go in to SQL Server and create your Business Objects repository.

You then go into the ODBC data source administrator and set up your ODBC connection. You test the connection, it works fine. Great.

You then kick off the XI 3.1 installation, and you get to the screen to select your database. No problem. I’m using SQL Server, I’ve created the database and I’ve created the ODBC connection.

So where is my ODBC connection?

You may have spotted a new check box on the SQL Server Logon screen ‘Consume DSN created under WOW64’.

“Never seen that before”, you say. “I’ll uncheck it”. And voila, your ODBC connection appears.


That connection have been created using the 64bit version of the ODBC data source administrator.

You need to go back and recreate your ODBC connection using the 32bit ODBC data source administrator. Eh? What’s that all about?

To save yourself from a sore head, take a look at the posting provided by Dallas Marks. All will be revealed.

Many thanks Dallas.


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