As I’ve mentioned in previous postings, a SAP User ID is now required if you want to take a SAP Business Objects exam.

I regularly receive emails asking how you go about getting one of these ID’s, especially if you are not a partner/customer.

Note that this blog is not connected with SAP so I can’t tell you for sure. However, two options seem to work:

1. Register at the following link. This will take you to the SAP site where you can register your details.
2. Call the SAP education department in your country

It takes a couple of weeks to get the User ID through, so be patient.


4 Responses to “SAP User ID”

  1. Kuldeep Says:

    Hey thanks for this informative post, I got my SAP ID within 2 weeks. thanks a lot.

    • weldblog Says:


      Thanks for your note. You are most welcome.

      I am glad this post helped you with your SAP ID. I have found that as long as you contact the right people, you normally get a solution very quickly.


  2. Mohanraj Cp Says:

    I see that c_BOBIP_40 is available. I have prepared for C_BOE_30 exam but would like to know if it would be easier appear for C_BOBIP_40?

    • weldblog Says:


      Thanks for your note. I think the decision on whether to take the C_BOE_30 exam or the C_BOBIP_40 can only be answered by you.
      What are you currently working on now? If you are using version 4 or are going to be moving to that platform in the near future, you may want to consider taking the version 4 exam.

      However, if you are comfortable with version 3 and you have prepared well for that exam, I personally would take that exam now and get it under my belt. Once you start working with version 4, you will feel more comfortable taking that exam.

      I hope this helps, and Good Luck!

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