New Certification Exams – Part 2

Following on from my recent post about the new SAP Business Objects exams, I spotted a link to a FAQ.

Some interesting items to bring to your attention:

1. It would appear that you no longer need to take 3 papers/tests to earn the SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.x certification. Those that have the BOCP-BOE certification will be aware that we had to sit 3 exams, or 4 if you have brought your skills up to XI3 level.

2. Those with an existing BOCP certification do not need to re-qualify. Phew!

3. If you have BOCP-BOE at XIR2 level and haven’t sat SABE501 to take you up to XI3 level, you need to hurry. To quote
“To avoid taking the full certification exam after the retirement of the XI 3-1 upgrade exam the final exam should be taken prior to its retirement at the end of April.”

4. Those holding BOCP can use the title SAP Associate. Again, to quote:
“…those holding the existing certification BusinessObjects certification are entitled to use the SAP Associate certification logo and title.” (Personally I prefer BOCP-BOE – Certified Professional. Sounds better than Associate don’t you think?)

5. You still need a SAP S-User ID to take the exams.

6. For those that are looking to find out where their certificate is, and I know that there are many of you..
“On successfully passing the exam, the certificate will be sent to the test taker within 4-6 weeks. For queries please contact”

7. It looks like the exams will become more expensive.

So basically, if you are working through your BOCP exams, get them done by April 2010.

If you haven’t upgraded your BOCP to XI3, get the SABE501 exam out of the way by April 2010.

If you are considering taking the exams and haven’t started BOCP yet, you might want to consider the SAP Associate exam instead of the four exams needed for BOCP.

More details can be found in this FAQ.


3 Responses to “New Certification Exams – Part 2”

  1. anitha Says:

    can you please send me the content for SAP Associate exam and if you have information on this exam.

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