Converting dates and times in SQL Server

Heres a great link to a page which displays the correct SQL syntax for converting your dates into other formats.

It’s helped me out on several occasions!


Adding a corporate logo to your reports

We often find that we need to add a corporate logo to Webi/Deski reports.

The simplest way that we have found to do this is to create a folder on the Webi server, apply the correct permissions, and reference the object within your report via a UNC path, e.g. //Webi/CorpLogo

As long as the permissions are correct, and the users have access to the server, this should work in both Webi and Deski reports.

Update on BOCP-BOE certifications

Some readers of my blog have asked whether there is a specific certification route for XI 3.1.

Well, not that I’m aware of. But remember, I am not an official BusinessObjects source!

To gain your BOCP-BOE, the exams to take are:

  • SABE201
  • SABE301
  • SABE401

This will get your basic BOCP-BOE up to XIR2 level.

To get up to XI3 level, you will need to take:

  • SABE501V3.0

I’m not aware of an additional exam for XI3.1.

People also ask whether the third party providers such as Pass4Sure, etc. are worth the investment (Are you serious?).

In one word – NO.

You will get everything you need to know for these exams with the following:

  • Taking an official classroom/elearning course
  • Becoming familiar with the relevant BOBJ PDF content
  • Experience

That’s all you’ll need.

And finally, readers have asked about the certificate. For what it’s worth, mine took about 6 weeks to arrive. I’ve heard reports that they do take longer than that.

However, if you do need to show your employer something, why not show them your exam result printouts?

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