Data Integrator Book

Well not quite.

Why hasn’t a book been written on Data Integrator? There must be someone out there in the community who can write a suitable book.

I make extensive use of the BOBJ Forum (BOB) for any Data Integrator issues and I also recently found this link to Data Integrator Tips and Tricks (link updated 17/03/10 – Thank you to SB). This might help someone out of a tricky spot.

It’s author, Werner Daehn, is a regular poster in the Data Integrator forums on BOB and is the Data Integrator Product Manager. He has also spoken at several events.

Perhaps Werner can write a book? I’ll buy it.


4 Responses to “Data Integrator Book”

  1. Joshua Fletcher Says:

    I’d buy a book if Werner wrote one too! 🙂

    – Josh

    • weldblog Says:

      C’mon Werner. That’s two buyers already lined up for a Data Integrator book.

      Any more takers?

  2. Priya S Says:

    I would most definitely buy the book if one were to come out.

  3. Segolene Says:

    the link Data Integrator Tips and Tricks. has been changed to

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