A handy Xclesius addin

As a fan of Edward Tufte’s sparklines, I was pleased to see the sparkline functionality built into an addin for Xcelsius 2008.

This sparkline tool is one of a number of new graphical tools built into a package called XComponents. Based on Flex/Flash technology, the addin is easily installed into your Xcelsius 2008 application.

I can’t find any information regarding the licencing of this addin or support, although an email address is provided if you want further information. I have installed it on my own machine purely to have a play.

These tools appear to have been around for a few months now, and the feedback is positive. If you are looking to add a bit more visual impact to your Xcelsius demos, it might be worth giving it a look.

11/03/09 Update: Details regarding licencing of this addin can be found in the comments section of this post. Thanks Donald.


One Response to “A handy Xclesius addin”

  1. Donald Says:

    The current version of XComponents are under an MIT-style free but without support or warranty licence. Full details can be found in the licence manager dialog inside Xcelsius once the XComponents are installed

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