SAP BOBJ – What area should I focus on?

As a Business Objects professional it is important to keep both your technical skills and general Business Intelligence knowledge up to date. Along with being certified, being up to date on events helps you to stand out against a backdrop of people who, on paper perhaps, share similar experience to you. It is also important to be aware of the impact certain events may have on your current and future career plans.

Following the integration of Business Objects into SAP, I was wondering about the opportunities that this may present me and my company going forward. I’m sure many SAP professionals are thinking the same thing.

I then came across an article written by Jon Reed. In this article, Jon discusses how he thinks the SAP Business Objects acquisition is going to affect job requirements, and goes on to suggest areas which might be worth focusing on. Jon is well known within SAP circles and has written extensively on SAP related topics. His article makes for interesting reading and should certainly help you with future career planning.

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