XI 3.1 Supported Platforms

I’ve been digging around the various SAP and Business Objects support websites trying to find a hardware requirement document for Business Objects XI 3.1

This is not as simple as it may first appear.

I did eventually find the correct URL:


If you are looking for PARs and Platform Guides for other BOBJ products, use this link:

For general Product Guides, use the following link:

Having read the documents it is good to see that our development server far exceeds the minimum hardware requirement. It is worth noting that if you are upgrading from XIR2 toXI3.1, a faster CPU is required – a minimum of P4 2Ghx is recommended for XI 3+. RAM requirements remain the same at 2Gb. Hard disk issues aren’t really an issue nowadays.

I’ll be looking at installing XI 3.1 on our development server over the next few days and will post an update.


3 Responses to “XI 3.1 Supported Platforms”

  1. Ron Padzensky Says:

    Most grateful for this link. I can’t understand why this document does not come in searches on the SAP support portal!

    • weldblog Says:

      Me neither! I find this information incredibly useful, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the documents. Hence the post.

      Glad it has helped someone.

  2. Mohit Says:

    Many thanks for the useful links and info!!

    Cheers 🙂

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