Google spreadsheets as Xcelsius data source

If you are having trouble using Google spreadsheets as a data source for your Xcelsius dashboard, take a look at the business objects labs.

They have recently released an add on which allows you to use a Web 2.0 data source (Google spreadsheets for example).

The add on includes a few extra features such as Tag Clouds and Timelines.

Worth taking a look if you use Google spreadsheets.


One Response to “Google spreadsheets as Xcelsius data source”

  1. mandavasriharibabu Says:

    Hi All

    I am using Google Spreadsheets as Xcelsius Source.
    As we can use google spreadsheets offline by using goolge gears, i tried to use google spreadsheets offline. But i am gettig the following error
    “HTTP request error.
    * Verify that the URL is correct and that you have published the spreadsheet as a webpage.
    * The URL should have this format :
    * Verify that the range is in standard spreadsheet cell-range notation, with a colon to seperate start and end of range (D2:F5)”

    Could any body come across this error? Please advice the solution.

    Thanks in Advance
    Srihari Babu. Mandava

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