XI 3.1 – New Features

While I haven’t yet been able to get my hands on XI 3.1, I did recently have an opportunity to view a presentation on the new features of XI 3.1. I took down the following notes. Hopefully, they will be of use to readers of this blog:

  • Improved integration with Microsoft environment
  • Broader data access:
    • Databases: HP Neoview 2.3, SQL Server 2008, Netezza, Oracle 11g, Teradata 12
    • O/S: HP-UX Itanium (using a new 64 bit BI platform architecture, suitable for high end BOE deployments. (Deski not or Business View Manager didn’t make it to 64 bit. All other apps are 64bit), Red Hat 5, Windows Server 2008, Vista sp1
  • Greater integration with SAP environment
  • New integration solution for Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Easier self discovery in Voyager
  • Live Ofice enhancements
  • Microsoft Sharepoint integration
  • Choice of 32 or 64 bit BI platform architecture
  • Life cycle content management(replace import wizard)
  • Support for IP Next Generation
  • Global reach – 18 languages including 4 new ones

The main point appears to be the improved integration with the Microsoft platform, leveraging the MS stack by including native .NET support for Infoview, Webi and Deski. This will be good new for Microsoft ‘shops’.

I hope to put a bit more flesh on this once I get hold of XI 3.1 on a development machine.


5 Responses to “XI 3.1 – New Features”

  1. Gera Mats Says:

    I don’t believe Life Cycle Manager necessarily replaces import wizard. It will replace some of the things normally done with the import wizard but not necessarily originally intended. There was a good presentation on it along with slides on the differences of the Import Wizard / Federation / LCM

  2. Joshua Fletcher Says:


    I stumbled across your BO blog, and you have some good content, so I’d like to watch your blog.

    However, I can’t seem to find an RSS feed anywhere on your site. Could you please enable one so I can subscribe to new posts?

    Kind regards,

    Josh Fletcher

  3. weldblog Says:


    Welcome to the blog.

    I’ve added a post about RSS feeds. I couldn’t find a way of adding an RSS button directly to this WordPress theme. Hopefully one of the alternative methods I have discussed will help.

  4. weldblog Says:


    Thanks for your response.

    Are the slides mentioned available in the public domain? If so, would you mind posting a link so that we can all share?

    I hope to get access to XI 3.1 and LCM in the next few weeks, so I’ll post something on the subject shortly.

  5. TonyL Says:

    I have a real issue. Have sized a server for XI 3.1 Windows with 32gb RAM Quad Xeon 6 cores and have been told that the OS has to be 32 bit. and therefore a 32 bit OS will not use memory above 4gb which is a pain. Is this the case. Dont want to install 64 bit O/S when BO doesnt have 64 bit application unless you are on HP/UX itanium. Why SAP/BO did this is beyond me as I believe most implementations are Windows 2003/2008 Server

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