Credit crunch – Does it affect BI?

The credit crunch appears to be affecting everyone. Many people are losing their jobs, firms are collapsing, and people are under the threat of foreclosure.

However, I’m finding that BI has a place in helping firms through these bad times.

All too often, IT budgets are the first to be slashed during economic downturns. However, BI is one of those niches which can help organisations make sense of what is going on both internally and externally.

Through the use of analytical reporting, KPIs and dashboards, organisations can immediately see where something is or is not working and take the relevant action. Ad hoc reporting provides staff with the ability to dive into the numbers, to drill down on a number which is causing concern. Powerful GUI based ETL tools provide developers with the ability to rapidly integrate disparate databases into one common warehouse. And above all, it provides companies with an edge over the competition. In these tough times, it is important to be on top of things and to make sure you are one step ahead of the rest of the pack.

Use IT to your advantage!


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