Hans Rosling – The best stats you’ve ever seen

I was left speechless recently by a fantastic presentation by Dr Hans Rosling. Recorded in February 2006, Dr Rosling communicates in an effective manner various misconceptions we have about the developing world. What has this to do with Business Intelligence? Well, to add a bit of spice to his presentation, he presents a mass of statistical information (which on it’s own can be quite boring), using software he and his team have developed. This software is called Trendalyzer. I’m sure you will find his presentation interesting.

So what is this software called Trendalyzer? Well to quote Gapminder – “Trendalyzer software unveils the beauty of statistics by converting boring numbers into enjoyable interactive animations. ”

This is certaintly true, as Dr Roslings excellent presentation demonstrates. And guess what company has recently acquired Trendalyzer? Stand up messrs. Brin and Page of Google. This should prove to be very interesting.


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