What’s in your bag?

It’s a well known fact that ladies store everything in their handbags – just to make sure they are prepared for every eventuality.

Well, it’s funny, but as a consultant working on numerous client sites, I need to keep a similar kind of bag. No, it’s not quite a handbag, but it’s my laptop bag. You’d be surprised at what you end up carrying around. To be honest I’ve never kept a list of what’s in there, I just keep buying gadgets and filling the bag up. So what’s in the bag? Here is a list:

1. HP Pavilion Laptop. This is a company issue AMD 64bit laptop with a nice 17″ screen, handy 3GB RAM, a massive 250GB Hard-Drive and a DVD recorder. A nice bit of kit which can handle everything I throw at it. This is loaded with the usual software – Windows Server, VMWare, Office, Adobe, Project, Visio, and a few other bits and peices.

2. Western Digital External Hard Drive. Standard company issue 250Gb external hard drive. I use this to hold my virtual images, backup software, and various essential utilities. We use VMWare images quite a lot to showcase BusinessObjects, Microsoft and various other Business Intelligence solutions. As these can be virtual machines can be quite big, having them on an external drive is incredibly handy. The drive also acts as a backup to the laptop and I tend to pack this separate to the laptop when travelling. It’s near capacity now, so the order has gone in for a 500Gb unit, or perhaps one of those 1Tb beauties.

3. Three USB Memory Sticks. I appear to have two 4Gb and one 2Gb USB sticks. These are invaluable, and incredibly handy if you need to transfer data quickly and don’t have the correct cable to hand. I think one is a backup of the other, as I normally have one on my keyring.

4. Where would we be without our trusted ipod. I’ve got all of my favourite albums on here. An absolute necessity for those long flights, waits in airports, etc.

5. My HTC Tytn II. This is a smart device. A Windows Mobile Smartphone, email and internet on the move, GPS (I use TomTom UK & Europe maps) and the ability to synchronise back to Outlook when I am in the office. It’s got a slide out keyboard (one of the reasons I bought it), which helps no end when typing emails. Sometimes you really do need something quick and easy to send an email rather than take out your laptop and find a wifi access point.

There are also a load of cables, blank CD’s, hotel notepad (?) and a load of business cards in there. Just as well I cleared it all out.

I’m considering buying a USB Broadband dongle. This will give me broadband speed throughout the UK and will allow connections via the European networks. I’ll need to do some research on this and might even put up a post on my findings.


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