Final word on BOBJ Certifications

I’ve received a number of messages over the past few months from people requesting details about the BusinessObjects exams. Some have been as blatent as asking for exam questions and answers. I’ve always, and will continue to, delete those messages.

When you take these exams, you need to sign/agree to an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement). This basically means that you will not divulge the details of the exam you are about to take. I have worked particularly hard for this certification, having put in many hours of study and practice. I am not going to risk losing my certification by divulging exam questions or answers to anyone. So please, don’t ask.

At the end of the day, certifications demonstrate your level of competence in a particular subject matter. If you are honest with yourself and feel you are ready, by all means take the exam and feel proud of your achievement. If you feel you need to request exam questions and answers from people, then you are certainly not ready and will need to put in more effort. If you have confidence in your abilities, you do not need to be requesting questions and answers.

Consider this – if you have cheated and gained the certification, you run the risk of putting yourself into some very awkward situations with employers/clients when you are asked about a topic that you should know about.  Are you going to put yourself in that situation?

For those that are studying hard for the exams, credit to you, particularly if you are doing this without the benefit of a classroom or e-leanring course. Don’t worry if you fail the exam the first time around. It is not the end of the world. Take from it the fact that you have seen what the exam is like, and you can move forward and focus on those areas where your performance wasn’t up to scratch. Good luck to you!


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