Business Objects Certification – May 2008 Update

For all those that are looking to gain the BusinessObjects certification, BusinessObjects have prepared a short webinar consisting of 16 slides and lasting just over eight minutes. (Note that the webinar does take a while to download).

This should give you plenty of information on how to prepare for the certification.

Many members of the Business Objects community have been contributing useful information and tips on certification via the Business Objects Forum. Track through the following post to read all comments relating to certification.

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, it appears that the SABE501 exam is finally available via the Pearson Vue site. It has a prerequisite – you must have passed the SABE201, SABE301 and SABE401 exams and have attained the BOCP – BOE certification. As this exam relates to XI 3.0, I am not sure that there will be many takers for this exam at this stage. I may consider taking this exam 6-12 months from now.

A few people have asked if it is possible to pass these exams without having taken the classroom or e-learning based training. I believe it is possible to do this. I’ve previously highlighted three or fourPDF documents which are available from the Business Objects website which will help you gain certification. Note however, that the self study method will require a great deal of commitment and practical experience.

Good luck!


4 Responses to “Business Objects Certification – May 2008 Update”

  1. Naresh Ganatra Says:

    Is the webinar link that you have still valid after the redirection of the bobj website to sap ?

    • weldblog Says:


      Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I will try to find the equivalent link from the SAP website and update my links.

  2. Rashi Says:

    Hi !!
    i found your bolg very helpfull, i m planning to have the certification on Business Objects. I reached the pearson vue website but could not find the fees structure of the course. kindly guide me.

    • weldblog Says:


      Pricing is different depending on where you are located.

      Once you create a Pearson Vue test account, you can select your chosen exam and the fee will be displayed.

      The last time I checked,the fees were approx. £75 or $120. They should be around that price in your location.

      Note that the new SAP exams may be considerably more than this as the fee structure is being brought into line with the other SAP exams. So while there are less exams to take e.g. one exam for Business Objects Enterprise rather than the three for the BOCP-BOE, the cost will be higher.

      But do check on the test website. I am not affiliated to Pearson Vue or Business Objects, so I am only drawing on my personal experience.

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