XI 3.0 – Possible new features

In anticipation of the new XI 3.0 release, I’ve been putting together a list of ‘What’s New’.

To date I’ve compiled the following list:

Web Intelligence Rich Client – online and offline version of WebIntelligence that allows your users to interact and manipulate with reports in offline mode. The client also has a very neat new feature called track changes which works similar to say a track changes in MS Word. What happens is that the report will show you what data/information has changed between data refreshes.

They have also included full support for WebIntelligence Extension Points which make it very easy for you to change the look and feel of the WebIntelligence report panel and viewer. In fact it is now style sheet driven and you can customise for you companies own look and feel.

Personal Data Providers in Webi

Finally a feature that we have all loved in Desktop Intelligence since version 4 and now it has arrived in Webi. It will support locally stored data in Excel, CSV and Text files and has a nice query panel which shows you the data from the Excel file, CSV etc.


If you have multiple CMS deployments you can now keep these in synch with replication via web services.


It is really great to see all the major features of BCA Publisher incorporated into 3.0 and they have also added some nice new features. I used to run the BCA team for BOBJ so this one is close to my heart.

Publishing now supports Webi and Crystal as well as DeskI and there is a nice feature that lets you send one PDF with multiple reports inside.


The CMC administration has a new look and is organised in my opinion much more like the old 6.5 Supervisor.


Now supports Office 2007 and they have also extended support to include Outlook. If you use Office 2007 then you will have access to the LiveOffice Ribbon bar which is very cool. You can now copy and paste BOBJ LiveOffice content between Office applications also.

Revamped Migration Wizard

Report Comparison and Conversion tools

More details to follow post-XI 3.0 conference on March 12th.


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