Business Objects Certification

I’ve never been a big fan of technical certifications. I firmly believe that it’s experience what counts. And experience shows when on site and tackling a complex problem.

However, there are times when having a formal certification could give you the edge in a new job, contract or sale. Sometimes, that is all that is required – an edge.

I have therefore decided to take the three exams to becoming a Business Objects Certified Professional (BOCP).

I don’t feel I need to take the full classroom based course. I have worked with and administered XI for a couple of years, and the classroom course is quite expensive in relation to other IT courses.  However, I want to make sure I don’t have any gaps in my knowledge which get highlighted in an exam.

Fortunately, Business Objects offer an e-learning option which covers the same material as the classroom based course. It is half the price of the classroom course and I can study the course material in my own time. While I don’t get the training manuals and the ability to ask questions to a tutor, I do have access to the materials for one year, which is more than sufficient.

In the next few days, I’m be taking the Business Objects Enterprise XIR2 Administering Users & Content e-learning course. I’ll be posting an update as to whether it offers good value for money.


2 Responses to “Business Objects Certification”

  1. kapsii Says:


    Nice idea, the instructor led coaching is just too overly priced… not a good idea to do it with out sponsorship (my 0.02!).
    I too believe that there is no education like experience, but again certifications sell!
    will be back again to explore the blog in detail…


  2. weldblog Says:

    Business Objects instructor led coaching is far too expensive.

    Not sure what the cost of BOBJ courses are throughout the world, but in the UK for example, instructor led courses are often double the price of non-Business Objects courses. Why is that?

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